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Translation application necessary to have a multilingual site.
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This is the extended groups application.
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Message Box
Users can send private messages to each other. It includes and Inbox and Sent Box. Users can reply to messages and search older messages.
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Contact Profile
Integrate a simple contact this profile link on your member's profiles. Your member's visitors can now get in touch with your members using this application.
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Easily manage links on your website.
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Embed a calendar to your website easily using this application.
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Zip Radius
Search profiles by zip code radius to find nearby users.
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Memberkit Forum is an advanced forum application with a clean and easy to use design. You can see it live on memberkit.com support forum.
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Cooking Recipes
Share cooking recipes with other users. Users can post recipes and post comments on existing recipes. It is a good example to applications that can be created with Memberkit.
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Post polls on your website and receive feedback from your users. You can set the question and the set of possible answers and then your website's visitors can vote for the answers.
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