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Adds a simple donation feature to your website. Your members can donate you money through PayPal with this application.
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Simple shop application which you can sell your items. You can add multiple items and generate money for your website.
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Zip Radius
Search profiles by zip code radius to find nearby users.
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Memberkit Forum is an advanced forum application with a clean and easy to use design. You can see it live on memberkit.com support forum.
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Contact Us
Basic contact us application for web sites. 
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Customer Support
Provide customer support and manage customer tickets for your website's users. You website's customers can set customer tickets and the admin can reply to the customer tickets in which the responses are send to the customer's e-mail.
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Cooking Recipes
Share cooking recipes with other users. Users can post recipes and post comments on existing recipes. It is a good example to applications that can be created with Memberkit.
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Let your users upload and share documents on their profiles.
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Create an FAQ section for your website. Help your members know more about your site and services you provide.
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A simple feature screenshot tour application. You can see it live on the memberkit.com. This application is a lite version of the tour on Memberkit.

Please read the documentation on how to use the tour application
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