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Content Management System for Membership Sites

Memberkit helps you create great membership sites. Whether you would like to collect subscription payments from your members or create an advertisement based community site, Memberkit is the right choice for you. You do not need to be a programmer anymore to create a fully custom professional looking site. The best part is that anybody can use Memberkit.

Make Money with Recurring Subscriptions

Membership sites are great way to make money online. Your monthly revenues will increase every time a new member subscribes to your site. Let Memberkit handle the hard parts such as collecting payments and protecting member area pages. Focus on creating an excellent content and service for your members. Memberkit has integration with many payment gateways such as Paypal, GoogleCheckout, WorldPay, 2CheckOut, ClickBank and OneBip. You can easily collect recurring subscription or one-time payments from your members.

Grow a Community

Having a membership section on your site makes it possible for you to connect with your visitors and keep them coming back. This is especially important if you have a web site around a niche topic. People all around the world can now come to your site and connect with other people who are also interested in that topic. These users will also know more people who might interested in the topic and invite them as well.

Increase Your Website Traffic

When users sign up for your site, they have many reasons to come back to your site. They will also tell their friends about your site and community. Your site traffic will keep getting increased with every new member inviting more friends over. You can also send monthly newsletters to your members. Creating an account on your site means they have given you permission to keep them updated about your site and community. You can always contact these users when you have a new product, content or service.

Grow Your Website as Your Needs Grow

Memberkit is built for flexibility and scalability. Unlike all of its competitors, you are not stuck with the available features, but you have a platform that can grow with you. When you need a new section in your site, it is very easy to add it. When you need a new content type, Application Builder will be on your help.

Build on User Generated Content

Most of today's web successes are built on user generated content. Youtube and Facebook grow like a snowball because their users do the work for them. User generated content is good even for a small niche membership site. Members feel part of the community when they provide something. Let your users post profiles, articles, blog entries, videos, picture or comments on your site.
  • Create a Membership Site
  • Make Money with Subscriptions
  • Grow a Community
  • Increase Your Website Traffic
  • Grow your site with your needs
  • Build on user generated content

  • Memberkit Overview
    Memberkit is a web development framework for webmasters. You can now easily create professional membership sites.

    Designer Friendly
    Memberkit has been designed for non-programmers. Anybody with basic web design experience can now create professional looking web sites.

    Memberkit is designed to allow webmasters to create their own applications using visual tools.

    Manage Content
    Content Manager has everything you might need to manage user generated content on your site.

    Payments Integration
    Membership sites are great way to make money online. Your monthly revenues will increase every time a new member subscribes to your site.

    About JotForm:
    Memberkit form builder is based on JotForm which is a web based WYSIWYG web form builder. You can drag and drop fields into your form visually. Create your form, and use the widget code provided to post it in your web site. Create contact forms, feedback forms, surveys, event registration forms, jot application forms, facebook forms and file upload forms.
    Watch this video in high quality!

        Memberkit: The Definitive Guide Released

    We have finally completed full Memberkit documentation. "Memberkit: The Definitive Guide" has over 100 pages. The online version is searchable and commentable.

        Case Study: HomeSellerSoftware.com

    Being a home seller in this economy must be pretty tough. There is help now! HomeSeller Software has just been released. Its goal is to provide home owners with all of the tools, knowledge and feedback necessary to succeed. Best of all, it is completely free.

        Case Study: DogSearcher.com

    DogSearcher is one of coolest sites we have worked on. As a part of our Complete Membership Site Solution we provided design and development services. Dog Searcher is a community site for dog owners. Users can discuss various dog related topics on the forum, make posts on their blog, create profiles for their dogs and even sell their puppies to other dog lovers. This site is also very rich in content. There are many useful articles about taking care of dogs. They have even started using the new Memberkit Answers application to create a Q&A section on the site.

        We are released!

    We are happy to announce that Memberkit 1.0 Beta is finally here!

    Memberkit has probably been the biggest project we have ever completed for everyone in our team. We have been working on it for more than three years. Memberkit has taken such a long time to complete because we really wanted to create something that is powerful but at the same time easy to use.

    So, what makes Memberkit such a killer application?


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